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Call For Papers

“ANNOUNCEMENT - Guidelines for making Poster : Poster specification - Vertical dimension of the poster should be 36 inch (3 feet) wide x 48 inch (4 feet) high”

EMSD-2024 serves as a premier platform showcasing groundbreaking advancements and scholarly discoveries in Engineered Materials for Sustainable Development. This conference will comprehensively cover a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to material synthesis, environmental applications, sustainable energy solutions, and innovative manufacturing techniques. With a focus on sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration, EMSD-2024 promises to catalyze transformative progress towards a more sustainable future.

Full research articles, letters, perspectives and reviews emerging from the EMSD-2024 will be considered for publication in the nonprofit diamond-open-access Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology (Impact Factor: 3.2) as part of the thematic issue Low-dimensional nanomaterials for sustainable application, guest edited by Dr. Sandeep Kumar (Convenor, EMSD-2024), Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh and Dr. Ajeet Kaushik, Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeland, USA.

EMSD 2024 is pleased to partner with Frontiers in Nanotechnology (Impact Factor 4.1), that is supporting the pre-conference workshop, Engineered Materials for Environmental and Healthcare Applications. Participating authors are invited to submit their work for consideration to the Research Topic article collection, Nanomaterials for Affordable Biomedical Devices, Environmental and Energy Applications, led by workshop speaker and Specialty Chief Editor, Professor Ajeet Kaushik along with Conference Convener Professor Sandeep Kumar, and Professor Yogendra Kumar Mishra.

Topics of Conference

TOPIC-1    Layered materials & Soft materials (polymers)

TOPIC-2    High-performance insulation materials

TOPIC-3    Magnetic materials

TOPIC-4    Quantum materials

TOPIC-5    Thermoelectric materials

TOPIC-6    Biomaterials & Bioimplants

TOPIC-7    Organic nanomaterials

TOPIC-8    Life cycle assessment of materials

TOPIC-9    Nanocomposites for various applications

TOPIC-10    Eco-friendly construction materials

TOPIC-11    Sustainable materials in mechanical design

TOPIC-12    Eco-friendly infrastructure materials

TOPIC-13    Eco-friendly electronic components

TOPIC-14    Sustainable materials in information technology

TOPIC-15    Energy-efficient materials for machinery

TOPIC-16    Environmental impact and safety of nanomaterials

TOPIC-17    Materials for controlled release of fertilizers and pesticides

TOPIC-18    Sustainable practices in food production

TOPIC-19    Bio-inspired robotics and sensors

TOPIC-20    IoT & AI in material technology

TOPIC-21    Materials for environmental monitoring

TOPIC-22    Biocompatible materials in healthcare & Biomedical devices

TOPIC-23    Nanostructured materials (quantum dot, nanowire, nanoparticle, etc) & Nanoporous materials

TOPIC-24    Optoelectronic and photochromic materials

TOPIC-25    Heterogeneous catalysts

TOPIC-26    Electrocatalysts

TOPIC-27    Theoretical and computational aspects of materials

TOPIC-28    Energy storage and conversion (batteries, capacitors, etc)

TOPIC-29    Environmental application (water treatment, photocatalysts, etc)

TOPIC-30    Photovoltaics, Sensors & Drug delivery and development

TOPIC-31    Nano devices

TOPIC-32    Adsorption and separation

TOPIC-33    Waste to wealth conversion in circular economy

TOPIC-34    Natural materials & interfaces

TOPIC-35    Thin films

TOPIC-36    Multifunctional materials